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Winter station in Toronto






Toronto, Canada


Competition proposal

A net of the pavilion waves in a deserted space surrounded by sand and water, offering to come in. The way follows a spiral. Firstly, you come in a light wide space covered with one layer of a fishnet. When you go ahead the net thickens, hangs over. It becomes difficult to go ahead. The net is everywhere. Excitement accrues, feelings become uncontrolled. You feel a riot of water, wind, sand and you are in an absolute power of them. Suddenly the way ends by a light crater, opening peaceful sky - a main value. A mission of the pavilion is to show this value in contrast. You may go upstairs the lifeguard station, hidden in the center. So you come up closer to the sky. This central crater finished with a metal mirror sheet is a shelter from cold wind. This is all a joy and a barrier which teaches us to appreciate what we have. The construction consists of two prefabricated metal spirals joint by metal pillars. The fishnet stretches free between them. A secondhand fishnet can be used for this purpose.

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