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Majlis in Saudi Arabia






Saudi Arabia


Private client

Majlis is a place for gathering and communication of a large number of people, a large city living room with the possibility of religious use. The typology is simple: seating areas along the perimeter, empty space in the center, permeability and visibility of all points of the interior. The main unit of the architectural language of space is a flat arch, reminiscent of the outlines of national architecture. Using it in different planes creates the effect of vaults, but with simple means and budgetary construction technologies. The interweaving of the arches clearly follows the rectangular stack, connected to the main dimensions and shapes of the room. In the center of each cell there is a suspended ceiling with hidden lighting, creating a floating effect for the ceiling and the feeling of the continuation of the arches into infinity. The floor has a marble layout made from local Saudi Arabian stones with an intricate veining pattern, instead of the decorative floor mosaics traditionally used for the Majlis. The main task was to create flexible scenarios for using space - a combination of different types of lighting (but always soft and flowing) creates different moods: everyday, sacred, subdued, festive; completely transforming the space.

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