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House on Novaya Riga 170 m2




Building construction


Moscow region, Novaya Riga, 170 м2


Private client

A country house with huge front windows are framing nature in the interior. Natural materials were used to integrate with nature: parquet, connecting the both floors and the staircase together, and turns into a terrace board without breaking the interior and exterior; rough firewood in the woodshed, stump cuts with uneven edges, and natural green walls with automatic watering. In terms of color scheme, strict warm-gray shades of wall paint, black slate, metal and furniture material contrast with the warmth of natural wood, textured ocher-colored textiles, brown-terracotta fabrics, brass panels of the dressing room, illuminating with golden light.

The lighting concept is in the almost complete absence of decorative lamps: linear lighting of the ceiling, lifting it away from the walls, track lighting with a combination of directional and diffused light, golden furniture lighting at different levels, creating volumetric light.
On the second floor softer solutions, milky shades, and soft panels were used. The master bathroom features a freestanding bathtub nestled among pebbles against a natural green wall, contrasting with dark finishes.
The design takes into account complex engineering communications: ventilation, ducted air conditioning, humidification and heated floors, creating comfortable urban housing among a natural fairy tale.

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