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Apartment 73 m2 Forest complex




Building construction


Moscow, Novoperedelkino


Private client

Thanks to the redevelopment, a single space was created in the apartment - a cube of kitchen-living room, bedroom, dressing room, loggia and hallway, which are separated by built-in furniture and glass partitions made in different options: corrugated, colored glass and transparent.

The sculpture of furniture in beige shades transforms from hallway furniture into a wine cabinet at the entrance to the kitchen, and then into kitchen furniture and an open countertop, fading to the window and a light part of the living room.

The bedroom partition visually and acoustically isolates the bedroom from the common area, but without losing the integrity of the space, thanks to translucent glass, similar veneer panels on both sides and a cabinet that seems to pass through the wall.

Bedroom is framed on 3 sides by glass partitions, separating spaces of different types: a dressing room, an office on the logia and a dining room. This helps to visually expand the small bedroom space. The head of the bed is made of soft leather panels, creating a magnet in contrast with glass, as well as peaceful and calm area for sleep and rest.

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