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Warehouse in Arevalo Spain






Arevalo, Spain


Food additive factory

A simple mono functional warehouse, but important in its location on a hill near the highway on the way to Madrid, meeting people at the entrance to the territory of a modern sweetener factory. The warehouse is located at the entrance to the small historical town of Arevalo, with a unique architecture whose language has been reintegrated into the forms and façade of the project.
During the design, there was a challenging task of combining all the options in terms of cost and appearance. Criteria that influenced the architecture and cost: form, way of illuminating the interior with natural light, compliance with sustainable principles, design and material, façade, finishing, roof type. A study was conducted to create options for each criterion and their combinations. Different combinations gave rise to new architecture each time, and it became possible to change the cost, replacing some elements with others, like a Lego constructor. The final result is born as a result of live design within a changing market without losing the quality of the architecture due to the flexibility of combinations of solutions.

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