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Reconstruction of a trading house






Norilsk, Russia


Competition proposal

The Trade House in Norilsk is a constructivist building with a history of numerous changes in appearance, is located in difficult climatic conditions, and has a special context. To minimize construction efforts in difficult arctic conditions, the existing building is retained and a volume is added to it. Taking the trapezoidal window of a constructivist building as the main unit, the new volume inherits this language in a new form, softening rigidity dictated by its predecessor.
The result is a multi-layer façade structure with a visual connection to the existing building.
And finally, to connect the two buildings with each other and with the city, traditional Norilsk material is used - a rough stucco, a texture obtained by spraying cement plaster on the facades. This material visually resembles an icy building in the northern spirit. Thus, a connection is established with the context and traditions of Northern construction, but in a new modern guise.

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