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Parametric shell






Ryadh, Saudi Arabia


AM Unique Company

Showroom – meeting room design for a 3D printing company. The task was to demonstrate the company's technological capabilities in creating any shapes, textures and reliefs for facade panels, small architectural forms and interior sculptures in exhibition spaces/shops/restaurants.At the same time, the idea was to create an whole space-sculpture and an aesthetically holistic image, where would be interesting to spend time, looking at every detail, as well as comfortable to conduct negotiations, presentations and present 3D models. To fasten the shell, stiffening ribs were provided on the reverse side along the curves of the form, which will be printed together with the shell, and then mounted to the guide subsystems for fastening to the walls and ceiling. All forms were created using mathematical scripts, and from 10 options, the form was chosen that most reflected the spirit of the company when demonstrating difficult-to-implement unique solutions that can only be created using 3D printing.

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