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Multihalle rebirth competition






Manheim, Germany


Competition proposal

Multihalle Rebirth
Main principals of project Multihale rebirth are saving building’s form, respect of Frei Otto’s free planning and his spirit of organic natural form. Steps of the concept are: 1) Special relation to landscape. The building is being considered as a pavilion in the park. Maximum filling of indoor space is in contrast with calm natural surroundings, suggesting us quite walking and contemplation. Over against, various saturated life is concentrated inside of pavilion under the semi-transparent dome. Concentration of functions stimulates creation of new facilities. Multihalle becomes an oasis with changing scenarios under fairy shells. According to this concept, I suggest minimal invasion in natural landscape, as new red paths, leading to the most intensive part- a heart of the park is the pavilion. Culmination happens inside the pavilion, inviting people to visit it, showing veil of secrecy through the external shell. 2) Interior space would be rebuilt. Dismantle of 1 and 2 levels of terraces would release a central space, opening to the northwest direction. 3) Forming new void. Saving floor of third level and building additional level creates constant two storied structure. You can get here from three levels. 1. 91.000- level of the central site, entrance from three sides. 2. 94.000- bridge level. Coming along the bridge you can get on a terrace, leading to the second floor of the structure. 3. A new third entrance on level 95.050 lies on green corridor’s way. A new void repeats terraces outlines, saving all structural elements. 4) The void’s interior is separated by radial sliding walls, making a space flexible and transformable. It is easy to realize climate control due to isolated contour. There are studios, workshops, workplaces; all rooms can be easily expanded, depending on event. Regular façade’s rhythm contrasts with soft shells contours. Storage of furniture and equipment, catering zones and toilets are hidden in this structure.5) A new space of central part is separated on smaller spaces by a relief sculpture. Walls are created by naturally growing from floor. This organic geometry underlines sculptural and natural Frei Otto’s method. The single floor and walls sculpture, like sand dunes, forms more private multifunctional spaces. 6) Slightly detaching forms of central sculpture are covered with light shells along spaces contours. Its own world is created inside of each shell, full of different scenarios. Shells amount and location depends on events and season. Shells can be realized by two ways. First is the light cloth, forming interior space due to temperature difference between main shell and interior shells. It is interior in interior; consequently, it’s easier to control climate and save temperature difference. This is type of self-supporting pneumatic shells. The second variant is to use air support pneumatic shells. Each variant suggests simple and fact construction process for temporary uses. These spaces differ by size, heights. Wide range of spaces from spaces accommodating 400 people (conference hall) to chamber hall like interactive room. The central space has two modes - cultural and sport modes. Flexibility allows organizing various events: lectures, film screening, workshops, master classes, open university lessons, children’s learning games, exhibitions, show with buffet tables, garden show. Also games like volleyball, skating, ping-pong, yoga classes, sport events, roller skating. Shells easily cab be dismantled and space opens for festivals, fairs, sport games. Light design of small lightning built in shells allows function in night mode. Night film screening, evening exhibitions can be organized. 7) Unifying element of central sculpture with changing scenarios, two-storied permanent structure and main transit bridge is common material - terracotta covering, fitting to surrounding greens.

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