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Lobby of appartments









Lobby design of residential building is connected with facades - verticality in composition, combination of warm and cold elements (on facades: warm brown brick and cold window glass). Black metal details repeat metal facade glazing imposts.
Name of residential complex Bounes Aires means “Good air”, which is associated with blue tones, lightness and airiness, whirlwind
Spiral staircase is the main element of foyer, as a dominate form of composition, it twists the space around it (whirlwind). Reception desk, vestibule floor, staircase and ceiling make the whole and navigate people in the space.
Composition is based on general blue color, used in different elements: epoxy floor on the ground floor, staircase made of Corean, ceiling paint, Corean reception desk.
Other elements contrast with blue elements and have warm sand color for creation home cosiness: terrazzo on the floor, brushed metal, beige stucco, corrugated panels on columns with gradient from blue to beige. Complicated textures create individual and comfortable space for residents.

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