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House interior in Saihat 1200 m2






Saudi Arabia, Saihat


Private client

Task was to create simple modern interior with oriental motifs, slightly seen in wall panels and sculptures.A small variety of finishing materials helps to provide a feeling of whole space of the 1200 m2 house: ash parquet, simple painting of the walls and ceiling, light curtains, brown bronze accents, inserts of walnut veneered panels.
The materials of the fabrics in the dining area are rough, reminding us of camel hair, in tune with the rough ancient vases decorating the interior. Soft forms transforming into angular forms, as main architectural element, resemble dunes.
Wall panel, consisting of sophisticated layered Arabic calligraphy, extruded in 3d is heart of the living room. The most interesting part of architects work is creation of new elements, reflecting space proportions, design image and cultural background of the place.
Axetiality and big spaces of rooms and indoor patios create feeling of airiness and space flow. Living room furniture reminds us camel saddle and packs of travellers in desert.

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