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House in Saihat 1200 m2






Saudi Arabia, Saihat


Private client

The concept of the house is inspired by the desert winds and scorching sun of Saudi Arabia, as well as the feeling of a boundless, blinding landscape. Since a detailed calculation of the insolation of the house was made, we found cool path of the house or parts with no direct sunrays. So it was possible to make large windows in these places , letting in as much light as possible without compromising the microclimate of the house (“sustainable architecture”).
Due to the typology of the house, which occupies almost the entire plot, the main areas for recreation and landscaping are terraces and courtyards. To create privacy and isolate what is happening inside the courtyards from the street, the house is surrounded by a “porous” fence - openwork panels made of fiber-reinforced concrete, based on national patterns in a modern interpretation. This solution allows to create a chamber, private atmosphere on the terraces without blocking light, letting about 50% inside. A large number of shallow pools, creating a surface of water in the landscaping, will allow to escape from the heat inside your oasis in the desert.

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