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Beauty and spa Holic






Ryadh, Saudi Arabia


Beauty and spa Holic Group

The spa was designed with the context in mind: an indoor women's spa in Riyadh with strong traditions and rich culture.
The space has a non-standard shape: a long rectangle with 7 meters high ceilings and a mezzanine floor 3.5 meters high.
The narrow high façade faces the main street, from where a view opens up inviting you to go inside: the curved walls open towards the entrance, as if attracting you inside; high arches peeking out from behind long flowing curtains with their rhythm indicate perspective and reveal the depth of space without demonstrating inner private life; and the sculpture of glass leaves (a huge chandelier) is an object of attraction and decorates the interior both inside and outside.

The main wish of the customers was to use traditional elements of Saudi Arabian architecture - elongated arches with a soft edge. Thin arches located at an angle form the outline of the vault, but without a monolithic surface, maintaining airiness and permeability. Soft-angled plasterboard arches outline niches for placing hairdressing accessories, goods, and also form walls in the Moroccan bath and spa areas.

Long curtains made of translucent greenish fabric are used to create privacy for each visitor, accepted in the culture, as well as to create a spirit of mystery and a mysterious, calm atmosphere where attention is paid to one’s own beauty and transformation takes place. Lighting design with the help of narrow long rays highlights the main thing from the space and provides high-quality work of the master, while maintaining a darker top of the interior - to create intimacy and highlight the main - client. In the hair salon area, light colors and bright light predominate, while in the spa area and nail studio on the mezzanine floor the light is diffused and indirect, the materials are darker, muted and rough-tactile.

The riches of green shades in decorative plasters, furniture, olive microcement, William Morris acanthus leaf patterns, glazed tiles and mosaics, as well as the use of plants and olive wood, creates a calming atmosphere and emphasizes the naturalness of the brand, which works exclusively with natural cosmetics. And warm shades of brushed brass, travertine, brown plaster and warm lighting, floor lamps emphasize the comfort and intimacy of a place where you can devote time only to taking care of yourself and your beauty.

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