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Apartment 93 m2 in Moscow








Private client

The task was to create a design without remodeling, using preserved pieces of furniture - an old armchair from the 80s, solid oak chairs, a favorite sofa and Soviet parquet flooring.
Since the location of the walls did not help to unifying the space, we decided to use a connecting light milky wall color for adjacent spaces, visually connecting the living room, corridors, hall, hallway and kitchen. Coffee-colored sliding doors lead into the living room, open portals without doors lead into the kitchen and hallways. For zoning, additional colors and textures of furniture fabrics and curtains were used, which are “mixed” with the main milky one: warm gray and pistachio in the bedroom, powdery in the office, dirty pinkish in the hallway, pastel green in the kitchen.
The main technique for zoning elongated spaces was decorative slats made of solid linden. In the office they border the workplace, in a long corridor they mark out a place for relaxation, on the balcpny they visually continue the built-in wooden seats, and in the bedroom they generally mimic the decoration of the walls, creating the effect of a custom wall panel. And the common connecting element is the graphic black details of fittings, profiles, lamps, sockets and switches.

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