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Bureau Iskra was founded by Kristina Glotova in 2018.

We create individual living spaces and rethink casual things using the tools of architecture. We are sure that architecture, first of all, should bring happiness to people.

The main values of our design:


  • Research of the identity of a place.

  • Working with form, designing from the inside out, and vice versa.

  • Thoughtful layouts, “living” of the space.

  • Scenographic design – arranging scenes and plots of the future space.

  • Working with light and methods of “introducing” it into the building.

  • Sometimes sculptural forms, a search for the new, unexpected.

  • Texture, tactility. Working with local materials and technologies.

  • Applying parametric and generative design to discover all form factors.

  • Detailed drawings and attention to details and sections.

  • Variety of colors. A combination of man-made and industrial, to contrast the beauty of imperfection.

​Every place has a story and many ways to tell it through the language of the building.

Architect Kristina Glotova. Architectural bureau Iskra
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